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"Thank you so much for offering me an answer to my stress problem. I now use your system daily and everything has become so much easier."
Mr. J (Leeds)
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Course Title – ‘De-Stress the BeOnForm Way’

This 2 day training course teaches quick and easy methods of stress reduction and elimination which you can use for the rest of your life.

So versatile, BeOnForm’s stress elimination techniques can be used by anyone, anywhere, even whilst standing in the tube on your way to work, or sitting in a traffic jam!

How Will I Benefit ?

stress free
  • Permanent Stress Elimination
  • Internal Strife Eradication
  • A Stress-Free Future
  • Instant Results
  • Improved Health

Programme of Study

This course covers all aspects of stress management, from recognising and monitoring the symptoms of stress to examining ways of dealing with stress in everyday situations.

We'll show you how to avoid threatening situations, help you find ways to control and manage stress within your own particular lifestyle and teach you how to improve your health by using relaxation techniques.

The course also covers Guided Visualisation, Anchoring and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and we discuss Eastern Beliefs and Western Science, comparing modern ideas of health improvement against age-old wisdom.

And all this is taught in an informal and relaxed environment with friendly people!

What Can I Expect ?

We typically start at around 10am and conclude at 5.30pm. Both days contain both theoretical and practical tuition and you will find our hands-on approach to be great fun and hugely rewarding.

You will have short breaks during both morning and afternoon sessions and our staff will be available to give you personal advice and answer any questions you might have.

When you book a course, we will send you a copy of the film “What the Bleep...” This film will give you a better understanding of the science behind the techniques we use and is great back-up material for use after the training.

Do I Need to Bring Anything ?

No. We provide everything you need, from a notepad and pencil, to a mental toolbox full of stress elimination equipment!
You will also receive a BeOnForm Stress Elimination Manual and free BeOnForm membership, allowing you discounts on further Products and Training Courses.

At BeOnForm, we not only give you the information, we back it up by being there for you. This is not just a training course - this is your opportunity to obtain your very own life support system.

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Personal Therapy

If you would prefer confidential personal therapy we can set up an initial consultation. A BeOnForm practitioner will discuss and agree with you the treatment options available.
More information about our stress management personal therapy services

Business Services

Special cost reductions apply for block bookings. If you represent a large group of individuals or a business we can provide set courses or tailored training to your needs. Courses can be held either at your preferred location or at one of our training centres.

Contact us for more details or view more information on our Corporate Services.

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