Treatments - Guided Visualisation / Journey Therapy

Guided Visualisation or Journey Therapy is probably the least understood and therefore most under rated form of therapy available in the field of alternative medicine. Conducted by a BeOnForm professional; visualisation can be used to tackle anything, in fact, we have still to come across a situation where Guided Visualisation / Journey Therapy (GV/JT) was an unsuitable treatment. As a result GV/JT is at the core of the BeOnForm copyright treatment Quantum Field Therapy © (QFT ©).

GV/JT is so successful because it works on the subconscious brain, that area that lies below the surface, ever present in guiding our internal systems, including the body’s natural healing systems, but absent from our thoughts and consciousness.

The subconscious brain regulates our body temperature; breathing, heart rate, blood pressure as well as deciding what chemicals is needed by the body to fight disease or infection. If we cut ourselves, we don’t actively think “How am I going to heal this cut?” our body does it naturally, steered by the subconscious.

GV/JT allows access to this part of the brain and can therefore be used to lead the body down a particular path to promote healing.

The following are some of the areas in which BeOnForm use and recommend GV/JT.

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