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Treatments - Mind Calming

Meditation is a fantastic de-stressing technique, but we at BeOnForm often come across people who say, “I can’t meditate.” Typically, these people are unable to remove the mental chatter ever present in their minds. A high proportion of these people often suffer from insomnia, as the same thing happens when they go to bed at night.

The mind calming techniques used and taught by BeOnForm will allow you to clear the mental chatter at will, leaving the mind clear enabling you to use guided visualisation / Journey therapy, regression and meditation more effectively.

Mind calming is only applicable to certain clients and as such, the list of treatable ailments found on other pages, i.e.
Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Love Pain, Sexuality Issues, Phobias, Addiction, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Physical and Sexual abuse, Obsessions, Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment, Envy, Anger, Rage, Fear etc.
Do not really apply.

BeOnForm always use and recommend Mind Calming in conjunction with other treatment types such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Regression Therapy, Meditation, Guided Visualisation / Journey Therapy, Use of Meta language, Alpha Access and Applied kinesiology (AK).

Quantum Field Therapy © (QFT ©) a unique blend of the above therapies, developed and practised by BeOnForm has proven over and over again to be superior to any single treatment and is tailored to each individual case.
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