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Fear of Public Speaking - We remove this fear with confidence!

Introducing the new you; Calm, Collected and Confident you won’t recognise yourself. Ask Lewis, an Audiology Undergraduate at Swansea University.

Lewis is a well adjusted 18 year old, with a very quiet, loving nature and withdrawn personality. Right throughout his teenage years, Lewis had always displayed a will to help others, so it’s little wonder he decided he wanted to enter the medical profession.

Imagine his despair when the lecturers told him that he would have to be outgoing if he wanted to succeed in Audiology, because he would need to speak to the public every day and that presentations in front of his lecturers and peers would form a major part of his assessments. To make things worse, he was told that failure to impress, with these presentations, could see him being withdrawn from the course.

After one session with BeOnForm, Lewis was not only free from his phobia of public speaking, but became more outgoing. The night following our treatment, Lewis went to a comedy club and became the target of the comedian. Instead of shrinking, Lewis stood up and held his own in front of hundreds of people! Lewis was amazed, which was nothing compared to the reaction of his Mum and Dad, who sat there with their mouths open!

Lewis has now completed his first presentation and he did it in style, confident, calm and clear. Using the techniques we gave him, Lewis has been able to overcome other fears he had, such as talking to strangers. Now he tells us that every stranger is no longer that, but rather a friend he hasn’t met yet.

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How can BeOnForm help?

Each phobia is different, for example your fear of flying, might really be a fear of ‘lack of control’ or of ‘claustrophobia,’ so in the first instance exact identification of the fear is essential. Once that is established a blend of the QFT © techniques will ensure rapid removal of your phobia.

Quantum Field Therapy © (QFT ©) a unique blend of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Guided Visualisation / Journey Therapy, Regression Therapy, Meditation, Alpha Access, Use of Meta language, Mind Calming and Applied kinesiology (AK), developed and practised by BeOnForm has proven over and over again to be superior to any single treatment when tailored to each individual case.

What can I expect from treatment?

During your initial consultation a BeOnForm practitioner will discuss and agree with you, the treatment options available to you, before, with your consent, proceeding with therapy. This consultation / Treatment session will last for 2 hours, most clients typically requiring only one or two sessions...
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