About Us - Our Mentors

BeOnForm would never have been created and so many people would not have been helped if it were not for our mentors. The knowledge we are able to call upon and use to help you and also the techniques and tools we give you in our training courses, first came from these outstanding individuals.

We owe them a debt of gratitude and if you have been touched by BeOnForm, so do you. For this reason we list them here and offer them to you, in the hope that, when you give thanks (as we should often), you can give thanks for their contribution to this world.

We never ever know how many thousands of lives we might touch, with every single action we take.”    Lloyd Watkins.

Kris & Dee Ford
Phil & Pauline Walker
Barry & Pam Cooper
Bill O Brian
Dexter Jager
Rich De Voss
Jay Van Andel
Robert Kiyosaki
Eckhard Tolle
Earl Nightingale
Napoleon Hill
Les Brown
Allan Pease
Robert Rohm
Mark Gorman
Zig Ziglar
Roy Tones
Jack Black
Anthony Robbins
Pete Egoscue
John Maguire
Chris Charmichael
Kathy Buckley
Art Berg
John Gray
Gurucharan Khalsa
Edwin Coppard
Deepak Chopra
Caroline Myss
Sir John Templeton
Warren Buffet
Keith Cunningham a.k.a. rich dad
Dr Roger Callahan
Jill Price
Patrick Simmonds
Bob Proctor
Sean Stephenson
Rohan Weerasinghe and Deri James
Dr. Robert Schuller

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